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337 Birch St. Property Deal

Mrs. Thor  | February 23, 2018 | Leesville, Texas |

Purchase Price


Renovation Cost


Property Size

0 sqft

3 Beds

3 Baths

Holding & Closing Cost


Sale Price


Total Profit


Case Studies

How did you find and structure the financing of this deal?

Private investor from previous deal invested in this one

Provide a summary of the repairs and improvements you made to the property.

Renovated the kitchen, updated bathrooms, finished the basement, replaced roof, repaired siding and garage doors, painted interior walls and landscaped the yard.

What are some of the major lessons learned that you would like to share with other students that they can learn from?

This property struck home the lesson I already new. Not all deals will be a profitable as you originally expected. After several small over budget items and on unexpected windstorm requiring siding repair and longer then expected sale time the profit was only $12K, but by starting with a safe profit margin to begin with we didn’t loose the investor any money. Safety first!

Before & After Photos

Before After

Before After

Before After

Before After

337 Birch St.

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